The Pirelli P Zero Nero GT Summer tire could not fit more perfectly with the TE37SL's. Designed to shred the streets / track, these tires

will definitely be put to good use

(especially when the car is pushing a few extra hundred horses)

So if you have seen (this video) you saw the part where the 240's exhaust fell off... Our friends at Borla heard the car running no exhaust and told us "that just wont work." They hand crafted a replacement exhaust system and fitted a brand new Pro XS muffler setup to get us by till the engine swap. It looks so much better and sounds so much better now, holy smokes!

Thats it for now, there will be A LOT more parts to come in the near future.

Oh man what did we get ourselves into...

Here we have the Volk Racing TE37SL's and boy do they look good. Each wheel is finished in dark grey with machined accents and measures out to 17 X 9 with a +22 offset. The "SL" stands for super lightweight and they live up to that name one hundred percent...

It took months for these to ship in because they had to be imported all the way from Japan. It was worth the wait.

With the 240's interior restoration, we want to do what we can to make the car an absolute dream to drive. The entire interior has been gutted and Second Skin sound deadening is going to be covering every inch. Road noise has met its match.

Make this 89' Nissan 240SX

stupid fast

The SPL brand is very well known for their superior quality in the aftermarket world. The fit and finish on the parts we've received is impressive to say the least.  The 240 will be dressed up with their titanium tension rods, rear upper camber arms, rear traction arms, rear toe arms, front outer tie rod ends, eccentric lockout kit, monoball rear knuckle bushings, and tension rod brake air deflectors. We really like the attention to detail that most brands seem to overlook.  All of the parts will be featured in multiple install videos that focus on getting the suspension 100% dialed in with some killer equipment. 

To protect the investment of a fancy new paint job (when that finally happens) Covercraft hooked us up with the WeatherShield HP cover. It's super durable, water resistant and designed to fit the 240 like a glove. The sunscreen completely thwarts the sun so that dash will remain

un-cracked on our watch. 

During the process of handling all the future cosmetics, a full OEM type X kit will make its way onto the 240. We had to monitor US / Japan parts auctions to source the kit 100% but somehow we pulled it off. The kit includes front / rear bumpers, side skirts and an awesome looking rear wing. It makes the car look

a bit more aggressive.

The ISR 5 lug hub conversion allows us to diversify the wheel selection for the 240 (see image above right...yeah thats why we did this) The old 4 lug setup was super restricting so we gave it the boot and got to work. The process of replacing the hubs is mad easy, plug & play pretty much. 

The stock brakes on the 240 are great and all, but when you toss in alot of horsepower they can no longer hold up their end of the deal. Raw Brokerage hand built some GNARLY 13 inch rotor 6 piston caliper Wilwood's for the car. After this install the 240 is going to have no issues with stopping.  

Expect the video soon!

Welcome to the GTX3701R. Rated between 340 - 650 horsepower and used to turbocharge 1.8L - 3.0L engines, this guy is a beast. Thanks to Garrett this 240 will be a completely different animal.



Carpets. Inc.

Enjuku Racing has been has been helping enthusiasts get their 240 builds right (the first time) for the last 16+ years. They specialized in the Nissan 240SX from the beginning and they have had their hands in countless builds over the years. These guys know what they are talking about and how to get it done. So far we have snagged a set of BC BR series coilovers.

Following the restomod approach means no stone gets unturned. The 240's interior is a gigantic stone but we are turning it as hard as we can. The brand new carpeting from our friends at ACC makes a monumental difference. Expect the video soon!

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This project has really upped our need for quality tools. Teng Tools USA wanted to make sure that we were well equipped to handle any job the 240 threw at us so they sent us their 491 piece mechanic set. It's packed (in a  very organized manner) with everything we need to get our hands dirty and we are stoked to put this set to good use!

​​​Car  +  $$$  =  Horsepower 

Mishimoto doesn't want the 240 to catch fire and honestly the feeling is mutual. We are using a premium aluminum radiator, an electric fan shroud and a stealthy front mounted intercooler dressed in all black. 

We are dropping an RB25DET  into the 240. Keeping it in the Nissan family is important so we figured tapping into the Skyline bloodline was a smashing idea.