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The RS3-G1 tires are going to handle all of the 240's power and then some. These grippy all-season tires will get us through the cold months and allow us to have some fun in the corners.

Welcome to the GTX3701R. Rated between 340 - 650 horsepower and used to turbocharge 1.8L - 3.0L engines, this guy is a beast. Thanks to Garrett this 240 will be a completely different animal.

​​​Car  +  $$$  =  Horsepower 

We are dropping an RB25DET  into the 240. Keeping it in the Nissan family is important so we figured tapping into the Skyline bloodline was a smashing idea.

Make this 89' Nissan 240SX stupid fast

Mishimoto doesn't want the 240 to catch fire and honestly the feeling is mutual. We are using a premium aluminum radiator, an electric fan shroud and a stealthy front mounted intercooler dressed in all black. 

So if you have seen (this video) you saw the part where the 240's exhaust fell off... During our trip to Johnson City Tennessee to visit the home of Borla Exhaust, some of our friends with Borla heard the car running no exhaust and told us "that just wont work." They hand crafted a replacement exhaust system and fitted a brand new Pro XS muffler setup to get us by till the engine swap. It looks so much better and sounds so much better now, holy smokes!

Thats it for now, there will be A LOT more parts to come in the near future.

Oh man what did we get ourselves into...

Enjuku Racing has been has been helping enthusiasts get their 240 builds right (the first time) for the last 16+ years. They specialized in the Nissan 240SX from the beginning and they have had their hands in countless builds over the years. These guys know what they are talking about and how to get it done. So far we have snagged an ISR Suspension Arm Kit and a set of BC BR series coilovers.

Here we have the Volk Racing TE37SL's and boy do they look good. Each wheel is finished in dark grey with machined accents and measures out to 17 X 9 with a +22 offset. The "SL" stands for super lightweight and they live up to that name one hundred percent...

It took months for these to ship in because they had to be imported all the way from Japan. It was worth the wait.