As the Saabkyle04 brand has grown, the video styles featured on the channel have been fine tuned to showcase the content in the perfect way. SK04 now features mainly project content involving restorations and modifications as well as the occasional In-Depth Review

and Pure Sound  

The signature Saabkyle04 In-Depth Review is a video format that Kyle has been perfecting for over ten years. There are five main points about the car that are presented to the viewer in every video: the exterior, interior, exhaust system, performance data and all special features that are offered. The In-Depth Review offers you the most thorough and professional sensory experience that you can find on YouTube. Kyle dedicates his time to learn every minute detail about each car that he reviews. By doing so he has the ammunition to deliver the highest quality video, teaching you absolutely everything about your favorite car. After viewing the video, you are left with the feeling that you just spent an entire afternoon with the car of your dreams. You know the subtle nuances that make it so special, thus making this an ideal resource for both consumers and enthusiasts. 

Video Styles 

Pure Sound offers an in-depth look at the unique sound profiles of cars. This video format is an extension of the In-Depth Review series and is tailored to those people who love to hear a great sounding exhaust. In the videos you will learn what makes that possible regarding modifications and/or the engineering behind the system, with absolutely no detail spared. Kyle films cold starts, static rev shots, general road tests and aggressive track focused shots to help highlight each individual sound produced by the car. If you find yourself drawn to the sounds produced by cars then Pure Sound is going to be the video for you.

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What we do

SK04 originally started as a hobby back when Kyle was finishing pharmacy school at Wingate University. He has always grown up around cars and has a deep appreciation for the little things that make each and every vehicle special. His key attention to detail led to the creation of what many consider to be some of the best automobile reviews on the internet!

Now Kyle has been able to get deeper into his passion of restoring cars with his various project cars on the channel and restoration shop K & J Design and Autoworx, LLC. Over the years, the channel has attracted over 1,000,000 subscribers who eagerly await to see the latest videos. With well over 700,000,000 total views, Saabkyle04 has become YouTube’s best source for un-biased, in-depth car reviews and project content. 


The in-depth reviews are what started Kyle on this YouTube journey and he will always enjoy developing those content styles. He has always wanted to learn how to work on cars and take his automotive obsession one giant step further. The purchase of the 1989 Nissan 240SX  sparked a brand new direction for Saabkyle04, fast forward 6  years and now Kyle has multiple active project cars he is currently losing sleep over. He has taught himself through hours upon hours of exhausting research, working on cars with his friends and making many mistakes that he learns from. His goal is to film fun videos that follow this journey and show him learning how to do everything from changing brakes to swapping in fully built engines. He has learned a great deal since the start of the 240SX series and it is only going to get better so stay tuned and watch him get his hands dirty.

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The October 2011 issue of Car and Driver magazine featured a full length interview about Kyle. It covered how Saabkyle04 became one of the top automotive YouTube channels and how Kyle managed to handle the tremendous growth of SK04.


​​In the year 2011, Kyle was contacted by the Charlotte, North Carolina, chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. There was a very young boy named Andrew, living in Detroit, Michigan, who had been diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor. Throughout many long and painful hospital stays he found comfort watching Kyle’s YouTube videos, like all of us in the SK04 team, he is a huge car fanatic. As Andrew bravely fought his disease, he was asked what his biggest wish would be. His response was to spend a day with Kyle exploring, starting, and filming cars. Thanks to the great people at Make-A-Wish, Hendrick Chevrolet Cadillac, Lamborghini Carolinas, Bob Mayberry Hyundai and Monroe Motor Company; Andrew’s day was packed with amazing automobiles and equally amazing people. Kyle was more than honored that he could be a part of something so very special. The fact that someone’s wish was to spend a day with him doing what he loved made him so thankful. Less than a full year’s time later we were notified of the amazing news that Andrew was completely cancer free. We have never met a more fearless fighter and consider ourselves lucky that we were able to spend that time with both Andrew and his wonderful family. 

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