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I first met Kyle and Christal at a local pet store in Greensboro, North Carolina and have been enjoying life ever since. I am eight years of age and thoroughly enjoy chasing basketballs around the front lawn (I am a herding dog after all), playing with my MANY toys, and taking catnaps. I am a full-blooded Welsh Corgi so I am of direct royal descent, my official title back home in England is Lord Veyron Pooter Lindsey Esquire III…or something like that, I can't keep track anymore. Moving on, I have always enjoyed cars just like my parents, riding is quite the treat! I have positioned myself as the SK04 mascot based on three main principles. Number one, I am adorable with my tiny legs, shiny coat, glorious neck floof and huge floppy ears. Secondly, I offer the majority of the security services needed at home and the office (No one gets past my fierce growls). Finally, I am the official taste tester for all food products that willingly or unwillingly find my gaze.

I am the king of the palace. End of story. 



My entire life has revolved around cars. Growing up In Boynton Beach, Florida, I spent the majority of my childhood at my father’s car dealership, which spurred my interest in the automotive world. I worked at his dealership (Car Connections Inc.) in Reidsville, North Carolina as a detailer/lot porter, dedicating the vast majority of my time to learning everything I could about the ever-changing selection of cars we would have in stock. In 2008 I developed my YouTube channel Saabkyle04 and started posting dealership “Start Ups” and “In-Depth Tours” of new or interesting vehicles regularly. In January of 2010 I was accepted into the YouTube Partner Network while I was attending pharmacy school at Wingate University. The vast majority of my time was spent focusing on my studies and doing everything I could to grow my channel. After I graduated with my doctorate in pharmacy in 2013,  I dedicated myself to pushing the content to higher standards; Since then Saabkyle04, LLC has been my full time career. I refined my filming/editing techniques over the years doing my signature "In Depth Reviews," and in 2016 I started honing my skills in restorations. I never could have imagined that my passion for cars and wanting to share that with the world could have put me in the position I am in now. While I still boast the channel as YouTube’s largest automotive variety, these days you can follow the journey as I bring life back to the best cars of yesteryear!  Welcome to the driver’s seat!

I am Kyle's mom and I was born in Reidsville, NC. Growing up, my dad and I loved going to the local dirt track, Rainbow Speedway, for Friday night car racing.  I inherited his love of cars, especially the antiques. After restoring my dad’s 1948 Ford Coupe in 1991, I filmed an in-depth car review explaining the process and all the unique features of the car. Could that have been where Kyle got his start? After my husband’s baseball career ended, we opened a used car dealership in Florida and eventually Car Connection’s, Inc. in Reidsville, NC. Although we have retired from the used car business, I still continue to help Kyle with social media and promoting the brand! I love contributing to my son’s business as well as meeting his fans. I enjoy hearing from parents too, sharing stories of our children and their love of cars. My hope for the future is that Kyle will continue to do what he loves and be an inspiration to people all over the world.

​​​​I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and moved to North Carolina during grade school. I attended Wingate University where I earned  a bachelor’s degree in biology and a doctoral degree in pharmacy; where Kyle and I first met. Growing up, I have always been a fan of cars, my grandfather would take me to classic car shows as well as having a family with deep roots in the NASCAR culture. This was one of many things Kyle and I had in common. I could tell that his deep love of cars and his innate talent for video production was a perfect combination for great success. I pushed him to abandon his comfort zone and start traveling to new places to promote his brand. Fast forward to today, Kyle and I have been married over 9 years now, and we have a furbaby, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Veyron. I am so excited to be able to work alongside Kyle as the Business Manager for the channel as well as support his restoration business, K & J Design and Autoworx. The channel has grown so much over the years, I am so excited to see where it takes us! 

Saabkyle04’s mission is to provide both consumers and enthusiasts with the most in-depth and professional automotive content on the internet. It is our focus to educate, empower and entertain our viewers by immersing them into an exciting and innovative video presentation that features vehicles of all makes, models, and years 

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